CAMERA: Take 16 | Bloom And Grow

Take 16 |Bloom And Grow
a beautiful bloom in Nairobi, Kenya

[Too many thoughts swirling through my head in terms of this image…]
Here are just a few…

I stand in awe of God’s creation.
I stand in awe of God’s attention to detail.
I stand in awe of God’s grace, His utter riches, He lavishes upon us.
I stand in awe of all I have and all I have not given.
I stand in awe of God’s ultimate love for His people.
And this spurs me to continue to bloom and grow as He sees fit.
Take me Lord, I am yours.

Author: madisunanne

I write about simple living in order to help women dealing with the craziness of life find hope, even if it’s just an inch at a time. I believe we all need a reminder to stop, breathe, and enjoy the present for what it is, a gift to be enjoyed.