Anywhere but Here | When You Don’t Like to Be Still

Picture this… A small child sitting in a chair. Watching the world in full fluid motion. Eyes agape, he notices everything around him. A classmate beaming with excitement about her A+ paper. Another running to tell his dad he just made the soccer team. And others out and about laughing with their friends as though … Continue reading “Anywhere but Here | When You Don’t Like to Be Still”

Too Clean? | The Strange Truth About Compulsive Cleaning

Ever since I was little, cleaning was something I enjoyed doing. When my mother asked me to clean my bedroom way back when, it was a joyous occasion in my mind. But slowly and steadily, the normal tidying up went awry and cleaning became unhealthy. I vividly remember starting many a Saturday mornings where I … Continue reading “Too Clean? | The Strange Truth About Compulsive Cleaning”

Anxiety, Panic, and a Beautiful Aftermath

If you were to ask me to describe myself in ten words or less a few years ago, the word “anxious” would not have even crossed my mind.  Energetic?  Yes.  Passionate?  Definitely. But anxious?  Never.  At least not back then,… Back before a year and a half ago.  But that all changed when a turn … Continue reading “Anxiety, Panic, and a Beautiful Aftermath”