How to Make a Color Palette from a Photo

“The chief function of color should be to serve expression.”
-Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse definitely hit the nail on the head.
If color should be to make a statement, then we better get it right.

One of the best tools on the web that I found in regards to color is Adobe Color CC.

Let’s test out Adobe Color CC to see what it can do.

As most of you know, I am a teacher by trade.  And with the academic year fast approaching, I am in dire need of a color palette for my two computer labs.

Here’s the image that I want to grab my colors from:
the confetti system tassel garland
(image via Confetti System)

On Color CC, it’s a few clicks:  Camera icon > Create from Image > Upload.

screenshot of how to make a color palette from a photoscreenshot of Adobe Color CC in action…

And voila, I now have an amazing color palette for my classrooms!

A color palette that will be used for two labs, hundreds of students, and my sanity!

Not too kiddish for the middle schoolers, not too far-fetched for the kindergartners.  Some pinks and berries for the girls; some blues and greens for the boys.

And truthfully, a palette of colors that will make me happy to be present five days a week.

Whether it’s a classroom, a  bedroom overhaul, or a wedding scheme, Adobe Color CC is where it’s at.

Happy designing,

Author: madisunanne

I write about simple living in order to help women dealing with the craziness of life find hope, even if it’s just an inch at a time. I believe we all need a reminder to stop, breathe, and enjoy the present for what it is, a gift to be enjoyed.