Los Roques | A Slice of Heaven Almost Too Good to Be True

Follow me to a tropical paradise known as Los Roques…
As Lonely Planet puts it, “Proclaimed a national park in 1972, this idyllic collection of small coral islands harbors rich coral reefs and comes virtually unspoilt.”

A few hours after flying from Miami to Caracas, my best friend & I boarded another smaller flight via Rainbow Air from Maiquetia to Los Roques.

Quickly into the flight, I began to spot random dots that soon turned into deserted islands interspersed in the tranquil turquoise sea.

A smooth landing on Gran Roque, our jumping off spot to tour Los Roques…
My Lonely Planet desination guide states it best: “…the archipelago consists of 42 islands big enough to bother naming, and about 250 other unnamed islets, sandbars, and cays scattered around a crystal-clear, glittering lagoon brimming with marine life.”

After settling into our guesthouse, we woke up early the next morning to head out.  Before we even spotted the water, I couldn’t wait to take a shot of this tropical facade with my new camera!
Just the right colors to welcome you to paradise…

From our boat, we soon spotted our island for the day.  Named Crasqui, it is an amazing spot with white sand, turquoise waters, and a hidden hideaway only revealed to those willing to adventure.

As we jumped off the boat to get our feet on the white sand, one of the first items I spotted was a conch shell in front of our chairs. Placed there by Israel, our boat hire, it seemed as if he already knew my love for the tropics!

Before Israel left us for the day, he wanted to show us a hidden hideaway a short walk down the beach.  I attempted to listen to his Spanish narration about where we were headed, but as you can see from the image above, I am much more inclined to stare at the turquoise water in awe of where I am.

After walking a narrow path at the end of the island, we arrived at what Israel had been explaining for the last five minutes.  Nicknamed Conch Heaven, piles and piles of conch shells as far as the eye can see.  Some old and worn from battling the sea and others freshly plucked from the bottom of the ocean not too long ago.  Israel explained that the Los Roques fisherman harvest the conch from the ocean, drill a small hole into the side of the shell, extract the meat, and then sell it to establishments to be prepared for as a savory seafood meal.

Needless to say, my obsession with conch shells elevated in status just a bit…

Old and young conch shells left by fishermen at Conch Heaven…

Conchs, conchs, as far as the eye can see…

After spending the day in the sun, it was time for another walk to check out the end of the island.  Seagulls abounded in this area, and I couldn’t help but take a photo of them in flight.  (No worries, they didn’t squawk like those pesky seagulls at the Jersey shore.  They were of the classier breed, the Los Roques kind!)

One last view of Crasqui island from a sandbar out in the middle of the sea.

Author: madisunanne

I write about simple living in order to help women dealing with the craziness of life find hope, even if it’s just an inch at a time. I believe we all need a reminder to stop, breathe, and enjoy the present for what it is, a gift to be enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “Los Roques | A Slice of Heaven Almost Too Good to Be True”

  1. Amazing pictures of your trip.
    Where is my shell?
    I see the beauty of God’s creation in these pictures.
    Thanks for sharing them.

    1. thank you, MOM.
      unfortunately, visitors aren’t allowed to take shells b/c Los Roques is deemed a national park.

      the beauty of God’s creation was there & then some.
      look for more Los Roques photos as I will be posting Day 2 & Day 3 in the near future.