Me Time | When? Where? And What to Do?

That constant buzz, buzz, buzz…
You know, the one that keeps us moving from this to that then back to this…
And repeat (several hundred times over)…

If it’s not our jobs, then it’s our family.  If it’s not our family, then it’s our friends.  And even if we live solo (like me), the constant barrage of phone calls and text messages can keep us connected as if we are right next door.

With the craziness of our busy lives, it’s easy to go a whole day, week, or even months without stopping and taking purposeful time for ourselves.

If you find yourself harried and hurried going from one activity to another, it’s essential to carve out a bit of “Me” Time just. for. you.

According to my shrink, it’s essential!

And here’s how it can be done…

Me Time | When? Where? And What to Do?

CAUTION:  Step away from the tech devices!

Although I teach technology for a living, I find that taking some time to “unplug” away from the latest and greatest gadgets is the way to go.  Before you begin your “Me” Time, turn the television off and steer clear of the computer.  Even better, turn your phone to silent, and spend some time “old school” style.

One of the most invigorating feelings is going somewhere without all 500 contacts being able to connect with you at their every beck and call.  Remind yourself of those times where you used to head off shopping without being interrupted by Mother telling you she attempted a new recipe for dinner.  Or what about taking a drive downtown where it’s just you, your radio, and nothing else?

Bottom line,… save those devices for later!

1.  WHEN?  Thirty minutes a day keeps the craziness away.

Twenty-four hours in a day— And in that large chunk of time, thirty minutes of “Me” Time is not too much to ask.  Whenever your schedule allows, carve out a portion of time to focus on you (and only you!).  It can be in the morning before anyone else wakes up or late evening as you unwind before bed.  The important thing is that it needs to be scheduled.  If it’s not in your daily planner, this “thirty minutes” of supposed “Me” Time has a tendency to be eaten up with other tasks.

So be intentional, and pencil it in!

2.  WHERE?  Wherever your little heart desires.

A walk on the beach.  A jog in the park.  An amazing book in bed.  Wherever you want, make “Me” Time special.  Vary it depending on your schedule.  If you know it’s going to be a crazy hectic day, then a jog in the park (or maybe around your neighborhood) might do the trick.  If life is busy at home and there is no time to escape to an alternate place, finding a spot where it’s just you and yourself (even if it’s in the bathroom!) is just what the doctor ordered.

So, where will it be?

3.  WHAT?  Whatever suits your passions.

Write a letter to your grandmother.  Head to your local nail salon and splurge on  a pedicure.  Start that DIY project that you’ve been attempting to begin since last month (or year!).  Whatever it is that will take you away from the cares of the world, do it. And once you do, I guarantee that your troubles will seem a bit more manageable because you’ve taken the time to focus on you.

So, what’s on your list?

One thing I have been learning as I work out my anxiety disorder is that problems will always be there whether you are tending to them or not.  Control freaks never like to step away,… thinking that when they do, the world will crumble.  Newsflash!  You do not control the world, and stepping away from a sticky and stressful situation or just life in general could be the best antidote for success.  Not only does it allow you to clear your mind, but you will come back to the table ready to tackle whatever it is with the freshest of fervor.

So, there you have it…
An easy to follow strategy for a healthier you!

Enjoy the simple life,

Author: madisunanne

I write about simple living in order to help women dealing with the craziness of life find hope, even if it’s just an inch at a time. I believe we all need a reminder to stop, breathe, and enjoy the present for what it is, a gift to be enjoyed.

6 thoughts on “Me Time | When? Where? And What to Do?”

  1. As an introvert, I definitely identify with this. Especially the part about being a control week. As evidence, this is the first day I’ve left my “8-5” work before dark because I’m afraid the world will stop spinning if I step away from my desktop.

    BTW- totally going to use this to justify a pedicure next week!

    1. As we all know, the world never stops spinning.
      But realizing this notion and then being okay with stepping away for a bit is a whole other matter.

      And to that, I TOTALLY justify your pedicure next week!
      Enjoy! =)