Sleep Anxiety | 5 Simple and Tested Strategies That Work

With the holidays in full swing & so much excitement in the air, it’s easy to get our minds into a tizzy.  Gifts to be purchased, holiday parties to prepare, and Christmas travels to book, life can sometimes seem as though there is no time for rest.  Worse than that is when we attempt to … Continue reading “Sleep Anxiety | 5 Simple and Tested Strategies That Work”

Bloglovin’ | For the Love of the Blog

If you are a blog junkie like me, then you need to read this CHATTER. Since I started An Inch of Hope a week ago, I have been researching here, there, & everywhere in regards to “blogs.”  One of the coolest sites I stumbled across is bloglovin’. According to their bloglovin’, this is their deal: … Continue reading “Bloglovin’ | For the Love of the Blog”

CAMERA: Take 1 | Hopeful Eyes

It hasn’t even been 5 days since I started An Inch of Hope… (And I am LOVING ever second of it!) Over the weekend, I sat down & drafted a TOP TEN list of what makes me tick.  It was a bit more difficult than I initially thought.  Narrowing down one’s vast interests/passions to 10 … Continue reading “CAMERA: Take 1 | Hopeful Eyes”