Out of Africa | When You Are the Main Attraction at the Zoo

Traveling abroad is always an experience. On a 17 day mission trip in Kenya, things are bound to “pop” up that will have you reacting in one of two ways:  either becoming frustrated over a situation that is beyond your control or the better alternative, having a relaxed “It’s Africa” attitude and shrugging it off … Continue reading “Out of Africa | When You Are the Main Attraction at the Zoo”

Out of Africa | Life on the Streets

DAY 4-5 Not sure of the hour right now (maybe 11 or 12 o’clock@ nite), but I feel compelled to write anyway despite the conditions.  Where I reside is not the best but far from the worst.  Presently, I sit in a sweltering bedroom while mosquitoes buzz in my ear like small jet-engines.  Only minutes ago, I showered … Continue reading “Out of Africa | Life on the Streets”

Out of Africa | A Day of Fun in a Slum

DAY 3 [For Day 3, I thought it would be fitting to allow Elisa Reino, a former student/soccer player of mine, to share her experience with you in regards to our first event on African soil.   Elisa just graduated from high school and plans on taking a Gap Year to travel the world before college.  … Continue reading “Out of Africa | A Day of Fun in a Slum”

Out of Africa | Are You Kidding Me?

DAY 1-2 And so it began… The long, arduous journey from there to here. There?  Miami Here?  Nairobi And everything else in between requires a little more than short answer… It’s been 4 flights, 2 crazy commutes to and from the airport, and 1 nearly lost baggage to get here.  With that, add 5 heaping tablespoons of wailing … Continue reading “Out of Africa | Are You Kidding Me?”