CAMERA: Take 12 | This Little Light of Mine

Take 12 | This Little Light of Mine taken at my brother’s wedding in central New Jersey Inside of me, there lies a light. It should be hard not to notice. And if you do not notice, it’s not that the light went out. It’s simply that I am too wired up with selfish ambitions … Continue reading “CAMERA: Take 12 | This Little Light of Mine”

CAMERA: Take 5 | Stand Tall

Take 5 | Stand Tall taken at the Maasai Mara in southwest Kenya Looking at this photograph reminds me that it’s a good thing to stick your neck out there & be who God called you to be,… unique & one of a kind. Afterall, that’s why God made you in the first place.

Anxiety, Panic, and a Beautiful Aftermath

If you were to ask me to describe myself in ten words or less a few years ago, the word “anxious” would not have even crossed my mind.  Energetic?  Yes.  Passionate?  Definitely. But anxious?  Never.  At least not back then,… Back before a year and a half ago.  But that all changed when a turn … Continue reading “Anxiety, Panic, and a Beautiful Aftermath”