THE LIST: Peachy Keen

John 14:18 via Love is the Movement “Birds of a Feather” Photo via National Geographic {Photographer Klaus Nigge captures this intimate moment with ease.} Pink/Peach Tassel Garland via Confetti System {I seriously want to purchase this for my bedroom!} Essie Tart Deco Nail Art via pshiiit {This French blog has the most amazing nail art … Continue reading “THE LIST: Peachy Keen”

CAMERA: Take 16 | Bloom And Grow

Take 16 |Bloom And Grow a beautiful bloom in Nairobi, Kenya [Too many thoughts swirling through my head in terms of this image…] Here are just a few… — I stand in awe of God’s creation. I stand in awe of God’s attention to detail. I stand in awe of God’s grace, His utter riches, … Continue reading “CAMERA: Take 16 | Bloom And Grow”

CAMERA: Take 14 | Eden, on Earth

Take 14 | Eden, on Earth a herd of giraffes on Crescent Island near Lake Naivasha, Kenya A few hours observing giraffes alone is all it took for me to think that if the Garden of Eden were on earth, here is where it would lie. — Around every bush and tree nearest the lake, … Continue reading “CAMERA: Take 14 | Eden, on Earth”

THE LIST: Pretty in Pink

Fiji Nail Color via Essie {An opaque creamy pale pink…} Glittery Pink Flower via Under A Blue Moon {The Glittery Pink Flower Tutorial can be found here.} A Touch of Pink Tablescape via A Beach Cottage {One of my favorite home design blogs EVER…} Giant Dahlias via Flickr {Will definitely be used in my wedding … Continue reading “THE LIST: Pretty in Pink”