THE LIST: Shades of Gray

Rosey Holiday Skirt via Free People {Paired w/these elements, this look is killer!} la bicicleta/ Granada/ Nicaragua/ Central America {Taken outside a coffee shop one early morn…} Taking Risks Takes Practice via TheRealMattHobbs American Apparel signage/ SOHO/ Manhattan ‘Classic Q – Little Ukita’ Convertible Crossbody Flap Bag via Marc Jacobs

CAMERA: Take 1 | Hopeful Eyes

It hasn’t even been 5 days since I started An Inch of Hope… (And I am LOVING ever second of it!) Over the weekend, I sat down & drafted a TOP TEN list of what makes me tick.  It was a bit more difficult than I initially thought.  Narrowing down one’s vast interests/passions to 10 … Continue reading “CAMERA: Take 1 | Hopeful Eyes”