Me Time | When? Where? And What to Do?

That constant buzz, buzz, buzz… You know, the one that keeps us moving from this to that then back to this… And repeat (several hundred times over)… If it’s not our jobs, then it’s our family.  If it’s not our family, then it’s our friends.  And even if we live solo (like me), the constant … Continue reading “Me Time | When? Where? And What to Do?”

Anxiety, Panic, and a Beautiful Aftermath

If you were to ask me to describe myself in ten words or less a few years ago, the word “anxious” would not have even crossed my mind.  Energetic?  Yes.  Passionate?  Definitely. But anxious?  Never.  At least not back then,… Back before a year and a half ago.  But that all changed when a turn … Continue reading “Anxiety, Panic, and a Beautiful Aftermath”

Sleep Anxiety | 5 Simple and Tested Strategies That Work

With the holidays in full swing & so much excitement in the air, it’s easy to get our minds into a tizzy.  Gifts to be purchased, holiday parties to prepare, and Christmas travels to book, life can sometimes seem as though there is no time for rest.  Worse than that is when we attempt to … Continue reading “Sleep Anxiety | 5 Simple and Tested Strategies That Work”